5 Ways Back Pain
May Be Impacting Your Life

More than one in three adults say that back pain affects their everyday activities, including their sleep, and the number of people that suffer continues to rise.  What can be causing so many people these issues, and what can we do to prevent it?

5 Reasons Back Pain May Be Impacting Your Life

  1. We tend to live more sedentary lives than we should.  Even if you work out daily, you still may have a job where you spend hours at a time behind a desk.  This means that our bodies and spines are sedentary for a good amount of the day, which can cause atrophy and weakness.  
  2. Being overweight can cause a lot of pressure on the spine and body.  Having excess weight can shift your center of gravity forward and put excess strain on your back muscles.  
  3. As we sit at our desks more and live more sedentary lives in general, we tend to do it slumped over our computers or phones.  This bad posture can lead to back pain.  This same C-posture shape day in and out can be a lot for our bodies. 
  4. As health care is getting better, people are starting to live longer.  Age in general puts strain on our bodies and our bones are more brittle.  As you age, you are also at more risk for developing age-related spinal conditions.  
  5. We like to fight through the pain. We tend to take medications to numb the pain until it is just not able to be masked anymore, or we try to pretend like it’s not a big deal.  Oftentimes, this can cause a minor pain to turn into something much more severe.  It is always important to get care as soon as possible. 

Don’t let back pain keep you from living your best life.  Start treating your back pain today with North Texas Pain Institute.