Treating Acute Injuries

We’ve all experienced a pain that we have assumed that will go away on its own; but seemed to linger for months and months. These consistent pains can be a nuisance. Oftentimes those pains can be more damaging than we realize, however. The pain can worsen or return stronger than before. Thinking this pain is too minor to seek medical attention can be a HUGE mistake. Pain is our body’s way of warning us that something is wrong. Even something as mundane as twisting your ankle or pulling your muscle at the gym can be so much more than it appears. Treating acute injuries is the best way to prevent long-term damage. 

At North Texas Pain Institute, we have a spectrum of treatments to treat both chronic and acute pain. 

Treating Acute Pain Injuries

Acute Pain refers to sudden pain that fades on its own. When this pain occurs, patients usually know what has caused this onset of pain. These types of pains usually start from injuries such as car accidents, sports injuries, falls, and things of that nature. The pain that you experience from these types of injuries can range in severity from mild to severe. 

It is sometimes hard to tell if your pain you are experiencing is chronic or acute. You may think you are just feeling a simple muscle spasm in your back from doing an exercise wrong at the gym, when the truth is you may have a slipped disc in your back. This is why it is especially important to seek medical attention when you start to feel pain. We can access your situation and determine exactly where your pain is originating from. If it’s a pulled muscle, great it will heal up on it’s own. If it’s a slipped disk however, you will want to treat it before it become more painful. 

We offer many different treatment options for acute pain depending on your diagnosis. One option for acute pain is Chiropractic care, the spinal manipulation along with physical therapy works especially well for spinal issues. Injections such as epidurals and corticosteroid injections also help with immediate acute pain relief. We also offer radiofrequency ablation (RFA), which heats up the area that is experiencing pain to block the pain signals within the nerves; stopping the pain before you have a chance to experience it. 

Chronic Pain Treatment Alternatives

Chronic pain is long lasting pain that can be permanent for some. Chronic pain can be caused by underlying medical conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis. The severity of the pain level can range from mild to severe. Chronic pain issues oftentimes have no cure, so it is important to have a long term plan in place to treat your pain.  

Oftentimes, chronic pain sufferers will be given opioids to deal with their pain. This is not an effective or safe long term plan. Those who suffer from chronic pain also want to avoid surgery if at all possible. Our pain management clinic understands these needs of our patients and wants to provide the safest alternatives that we can. Always.  

If you are suffering from chronic or acute pain, it is important that you seek treatment. The sooner that the pain is treated, the smoother the recovery will be. Call our office today to start your journey to a pain free life: 972-366-4133.